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The Big Wheel is touring the Dutch Funfairs

How to build a "Big Wheel"
The base is levelled.

The first leg is up. Under the blue covers are the winches.
The one in front is used to pull the wheel when we assamble it and the otherone is used to lift the spokes and the ringbeams.

Now we can push the controlroom in,put the cables in to place and get the floors in.
The second leg is ready to be lifted

Slowly the leg is being raised
Now we can put the axle on the two legs.

Once the axle is on,we can slide the centresign in.
The spokes go up,three at a time.

Deep down,between the two legs,you can see the wenches(blue).The cables go up to the axle and are connect to the spokes half way.

The spokes are put in the axle and a big pin keeps them in to place.
When all the spokes are in the blue ring that is hanging on the axle is put over the pins so they stay in place
The "ringbeams" are being put in. They make the wheel go round. The wheel is hanging on a steel cable connected to a winch.This winch is pulling the wheel up.We pull it up a litlle then we then hook the wheel in a steel cable that is next to the winch so we can get the winchcable a bit further down to connect it to the next ringbeam and so on. You can see the brace above the two guys on the left.
Here half the wheel is in. The winchcables pull the wheel up and the cables that are fixed to the base where we hook the wheel on when we release the winchcable to hook that one in to the next part.
When all the cars are in we put the handrails in,the backflash is raised and you can see the blue pole behind Jan is one at each leg to prevend the leg to "dance" when the wheel starts or stops.

No funfair whitout lights. The wheel has about 20.000 of them.

And here the wheel is ready to take the first costumers for a ride.